Home presents photographs of domestic interiors that have been printed on several sheets of colored paper, cut into facets and taped back together so they cohere into the original image. These 8 by 11 inch assemblages serve as makeshift backdrops for abstracted elements cut out from black & white reproductions of Ansel Adam’s heroic landscapes. Captured on transparency film with a 4×5 camera, the resulting composite images are made entirely in-camera and printed large-scale to reveal and exaggerate their fabricated flimsiness.

As in previous work, Lipps’ complex visual spaces explore the medium’s relationship to memory and nostalgia, while speaking to the shifting nature of the photographic. Uncovering subtle but legible cultural and class markers, these works also weave together questions of identity construction, the familial archive, and the legacy of analog technology. Ultimately, Lipps’ process yields emotive and enigmatic topographies that mine the seams between aesthetic legacies and personal history.

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